serving hearts
“hammered” by life

creating joyful designs

giving to those who are in need


we are driven to help “hammered” hearts

druville works directly alongside the hammered heart foundation,
giving toward charities helping those in need


hammered hearts

we believe in blessing “hammered” hearts–from our ethically sourced products to funding like-minded charities.


joyful designs

we create quality pieces, full of bright colors, so joy comes in the morning.


giving back

we donate a portion of net proceeds to charities who are fervently helping “hammered” hearts in need.

2022 summer pop up tour

southampton, new york

June 22 - 24
urban soul

westhampton, new york

July 15 - 17
kerrigan country realty

carmel, California

August 19 - 20
prim’s general store

montecito, california

August 26 - 27
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