our story

the druville brand was born out of a love for creativity, vibrant colors, and giving back. dru’s experience includes 30+ years of home design, development and real estate investing. combining her expertise with her personal mission to help others, establishing the druville brand was a no brainer for her next adventure.

why druville?

growing up, my two sons used to say they lived in ‘whoville’ because i designed homes in vibrant colors. so, this is a natural development for me to bring those quirky yet classy design ideas to life with the launch of druville. i couldn’t be more thrilled to offer it to a retail culture that has a wide-open gap for more fun, whimsical yet elevated products. my greatest desire is to fund charities through this brand, to bring help and hope to people.


our promise

we have committed to donating a portion of net proceeds to charities who are feverently helping “hammered” hearts in need. this is the foundation of druville.
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